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Fish and Meat Skills Training School
Tel: +44 (0)1473 270757

Meat Skills Training School

Tel: +44 (0)1473 270757

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A Butcher is for life - not just for Christmas!

‘You may be able to easily correct a mistake 51 weeks of the year, but hell hath no fury like a customer scorned at Christmas’

Christmas is a busy time of year for many, but for Butchers it can be relentless, many shops were starting to receive Christmas orders early in November. Some Butchers will be working many more hours than they are used to at this time of year putting together thousands of pigs in blankets and preparing hundreds of turkeys for their customers.

Apprentices up for Awards

The Institute of Meat Awards are approaching and we at Meat (Ipswich) have sent forward our chosen Apprentice’s nominations for their respective categories.

The Danish Butchery School in Roskilde

Four students of MEAT (Ipswich) have a unique and wonderful opportunity to attend the world famous Danish butchery college in Roskilde for 2 weeks in the New Year. This is a program that we at MEAT and the College in Roskilde have successfully offered to students previously and are able to share the experience once again.

A Butcher! A Butcher! My Kingdom for a Butcher!

We have a national acute shortage of skilled butchers. We have an excellent new Standards qualification designed by industry for industry. MEAT have qualified staff, willing and able to deliver the skills needed for butchers, supervisors and managers.

What is the Government’s response? To cut funding for 19+ apprentice butchers, resulting in young people being unable to access training to become butchers.

M.E.A.T (Ipswich) Ltd values and proactively promotes Equality & Diversity

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