‘You may be able to easily correct a mistake 51 weeks of the year, but hell hath no fury like a customer scorned at Christmas’

Christmas is a busy time of year for many, but for Butchers it can be relentless, many shops were starting to receive Christmas orders early in November. Some Butchers will be working many more hours than they are used to at this time of year putting together thousands of pigs in blankets and preparing hundreds of turkeys for their customers.

Customers remember, that for retailers at this time of year will come a lot of stress and pressure, mistakes may happen with orders and that you can always call in to check over an order before you arrive to pick it up to avoid disappointment.

Butchers and Apprentices remember, days will be long, work will be hard, but always try to stay safe with your knives and look after yourselves at this time of year. All the hard hours that you put in goes in to making everyone of customer’s Christmas’ as best as it can be. We take our Santa hats off to our Butcher’s!

To everyone, have a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year!