The main content of program is:

  • Cutting of pork carcasses into retail cuts
  • Preparation of meat (in small groups) into meals with focus on nutrition according to Nordic recommendations
  • Cutting/filleting of fish and preparation of meals – as above
  • Production of a convenience product based on a chosen issue planned and developed by the apprentices
  • Presentation of the product for representatives from the Danish apprentices butcher shops with feedback
  • Organising display of meat cuts and delicatessen/customer service in our training butcher shop (most Danish customers speak English)
  • Preparation of sausages
  • Preparation of brunch on final day and closure of program

Roskilde will provide an assessment based on the actual learning goals at end of the program, as well as ZBC certificate for attendance.
Students were eager to be considered for the trip and were delighted once they were offered a place on the 2 week course, below are just some comments about how the students believe the course will be benefit them;

“I will be the perfect candidate for this course because I want to be the best I can be. This means I will not waste 1 second of this course and will stay focused and eager to learn all throughout. This is the best opportunity I have been offered and I will put all of my effort into using this to expand my prowess and know-how of being a skilled butcher.” – James Berry
“Nordic food isn’t something I have any current knowledge in, but I’m always interested in learning about flavours and methods from other cultures, and I always transfer this into new products I create. I Love to build on myself in my understanding of butcher and I love a challenge, which is why I think I’d be the perfect candidate for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you.” – Asa Blackburn

“I think the experience would make me a more valuable member of the team, and it would be nice to bring some ideas home with me. I would also get the chance to meet fellow apprentices and learn about their day to day activities and what they do in their places of work. I'd like to think I could learn from them and perhaps they could learn from me.” – Sally Capstick

Our assessor from MEAT (Ipswich), Kevin, will be accompanying the students on their visit and we wish them all a safe and beneficial trip to Denmark.